♡ Leo ・ 21 ・ ESP/ENG ♡

Hi i'm leo ! I'm an artist from argentina that just draws furries and likes dinosaurs, i don't have a lot to say about myself AJSNFJH

♡ F.A.Q ♡

♡ what do you use to draw?

i use a XP-PEN Artist 22R Pro drawing tablet and paint tool sai !

♡ what brushes do you use?

i use some brushes i made !

♡ can you ping me when you open commissions?

i'm sorry but i can't!i have a very poor memory and i will forget to do it ;;

♡ i don't see my commission on your trello!

please let me know this !!!again, my memory is pretty bad and i tend to forget to add things to my trello! don't be afraid to let me know, i'm just a bit slow!

♡ do you do backgrounds?

i don't !!!!
i can't draw backgrounds at all lol

♡ when is my commission going to be done?

commission are mostly done in less than 2 months, usually around 3 weeks.
depends on the type, if it is a bigger commission such as refs or stickers i might take a while more.
still feel free to request as many wips you'd like! just don't spam me daily ;;i might also take a while due to mental health issues.

♡ when do you open commissions?

i don't know loli'm currently struggling a bit deciding when and how i should open commissions. i usually make a post on twitter announcing it !

♡ nsfw when

I DON'T KNOWi can't decide on prices yet, i also would like to practice more my anatomy!
i might occasionally open a ych on my nsfw twitter.

♡ T.O.S ♡

by commissioning me, you agree to my terms of service.


• i reserve the right to use your commission as examples of art, if you'd like me to keep the art private you can pay a 10 USD privacy fee.
• turnaround times usually start from 2 weeks to 2 months(ish)
• commissioners can repost their piece as long as i am credited.
• i reserve the right to refuse a commission or request another character for any reason.
• please don't rush me, give me at least a week before asking for a update.
• if you have a deadline, please let me know with at least 2 weeks of anticipation.
• i do not support NFT'S or AI !! don't commission me or use my art for NFT'S or AI.


• all prices are in USD.
• all payments must be upfront.
• paypal only!
•please wait for my approval before sending the payment.
• if you change your mind, please let me know as soon you can for a refund.
• if the piece has been started you can't ask for a refund.


• i require a visual references with digital being highly preferred.
• i do not accept shaded references, unless is cellshading.
• traditional references must be high quality with all colors and markings clear.
• i can make small modifications, but don't make me do the whole drawing again.


• any animal
• dinosaurs
• ferals and anthros
• gore


• simple mecha
• muscular bodies
• complex clothing
• humans
• pokemon


• custom design commissions
• fandom characters (sonic, etc,)
• complicated machinery, robots, mechas, weapons, etc
• things related to drugs
• vent art

sabri • sab • koofiini • arcenfeuille • aiden • bêët • shinubas • inus

personal reasons. // razones personales

makofii • ghoshouse

personal reasons. // razones personales


personal reasons. // razones personales


threatening to steal oc, guilt trip, manipulation. // amenazas de robar un oc, manupulacion y tratar de dar lastima

people in this list cannot own anything made by me such as art or characters.
if you give them art/designs i'll have to blacklist you.
i don't feel comfortable with them using my art in any way.

la gente en esta lista no tiene permitido usar ningun arte mio o poseer diseños hechos por mi.
si les comisionas artes o das mis diseños tendre que ponerte en el blacklist.
no me siento comoda con ellos usando mis cosas de ninguna manera-



♡ extra fees; ♡
♡ shading: +$20
♡ extra character: +half of original price



♡ extra fees; ♡
♡ shading: +$15
♡ extra character: +half of original price





♡ extra fees; ♡
♡ extra character: +half of original price



tiny sketch


♡ extra fees; ♡
♡ extra character: +half of original price

animated icons


♡ extra fees; ♡♡ complex design: +$10

reference sheet


♡ 2 fullbodies (front and back view)
♡ chibi/feral
♡ headshot + extras
♡ extra fees; ♡
♡ extra chibi: +$20
(max 3)


♡ single sticker; $15
♡ 5 stickers; $75
♡ 10 stickers; $150
♡ 20 stickers; $300

♡ extra fees; ♡♡ extra stickers: +$15
♡ complex designs: +$5
♡ multiple characters / complex objects: +$5 each sticker

♡ T.O.S ♡

al comisionarme acepta los siguientes términos de servicio.


• reservo el derecho de usar tu comision como ejemplos de arte, si quieres que mantenga el arte privado puedes pagar una tarifa de 1500 pesos (ARS)
• los plazos de entregan suelen ser de 2 semanas a 2 meses(maso)
• los clientes puede repostear la pieza, siempre y cuando se me den creditos.
• reservo el derecho de rechazar cualquier comision o pedir un cambio de personaje.
• porfavor no me apuren, denme minimo una semana antes de pedir actualizaciones.
• si tienes una fecha limite porfavor avisame con 2 semanas de anticipacion.
• NO APOYO LOS NFT NI LA AI !! no me comisiones ni uses mi arte para NFT o AI.


• todos los precios estan en ARS (peso argentino)
• todos los pagos deben ser antes que comience la pieza.
• pagos por mercadopago y transferencia bancaria
• porfavor esperen mi aprovacion antes de realizar el pago.
• si cambias de parecer porfavor avisame lo antes posible para un reembolso.
• una vez que la pieza fue empezada no se pueden pedir reembolsos.


• requiero una referencia visual del personaje, digital siendo preferido.
• no acepto referencias o dibujos sombreados.
• las referencias en tradicional deben ser claras y con sus colores en digital.
• puedo hacer pequeñas modificaciones al dibujo, pero no me hagas hacerlo todo de nuevo.


• cualquier animal
• dinosaurios
• ferals y anthros
• un poco de gore


• simple mecha
• cuerpos musculares
• ropas complejas
• humanos
• pokemon


• comisiones de custom
• personajes de fandom (sonic, etc,)
• maquinas complicadas (armas, robots, etc)
• cosas relacionadas a las drogas
• vent art


si hay otro tipo de comisiones que te interese y no este no dudes en mandarme un mensaje <3ESTOS PRECIOS SON SOLO PARA GENTE EN ARGENTINAprecios internacionales



♡ extras; ♡♡ sombreado : +$15.000
♡ personaje extra: + la mitad del precio



♡ extras; ♡♡ sombreado : +$10.000
♡ personaje extra: + la mitad del precio



♡ extras; ♡♡ sombreado : +$600
♡ personaje extra: + la mitad del precio



♡ extras; ♡♡ personaje extra: + la mitad del precio



♡ extras; ♡♡ personaje extra: + la mitad del precio

SKETCH chikito


♡ extras; ♡♡ personaje extra: + la mitad del precio



♡ 2 fullbodies (vista de adelante y atras)
♡ chibi/feral
♡ headshot + extras
♡ extras; ♡
♡ extra chibi: +$10.000
(max 3)